Prairie Cajun Brands Inc.

Prairie Cajun Brands Inc. has been serving the entire globe with the sweetest seafood in the world directly from The Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast is home to the best, fresh seafood you can have. Between the quality of the seafood and the quality of the service, Prairie Cajun Brands is easily your go-to seafood export company. 

Premium Alligator Meat Available For Export

Our alligator meat is farm fresh and delivered to you in a timely fashion. Since 1981, our customers have been more than satisfied with the quality of our meat. Our alligator meat is always farm fresh, pesticide free and will give you a sweet taste of The Gulf Coast. We are Louisiana’s premier alligator meat export company and will surpass any other companies you will deal with. With over 31 years in business, you can trust us to deliver when expected, always fresh!

We now have live crawfish for $2.45 per pound. Sacks are to be ordered ahead of time to keep crawfish fresh.

Orders can be picked up at Prairie Cajun Brands. Coming soon X-Large select crawfish must be ordered 2 days in advance only.

Crawfish – Where Our Business Started

Prairie Cajun Brands Inc. started in 1981 as a crawfish export business. Since then we have grown into a bigger business, offering more than just crawfish but we haven’t changed the quality of what started it all. We made a name for ourselves the way we conducted business in the 80’s, ultimately allowing us to expand beyond our wildest dreams. Place an order today and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of the crawfish and our service.

Fresh Crabs Available For Export

Take the taste of the Gulf Coast directly to your door. We export our fresh crab meat all around the world. It’s important to purchase from a trusted company when purchasing any type of food that is being delivered. What we make sure we do is get you your delivery on time, every time and our crabs delivered to you as fresh as possible.

Fresh Shrimp Available For Export

Shrimp is great in many different flavors. What really separates a good shrimp dinner is where you imported the shrimp from. The Gulf Coast, right outside Louisiana has the sweetest seafood known to man around the entire world. Shrimp from our region is known to taste much better than any shrimp you can have. Our shrimp is always delivered fresh and very appetizing!